Month: February 2020

Must-Click Link: Your ballpark beer guide to the 2020 season

I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Eno Sarris of The Athletic a few times and while he is a great many things — a writer, an analyst, a husband, a dad, and a sandwich innovator and aficionado (really) — if you asked me to tell you the first thing about him that popped […]

Woman called ‘fat’ by woman in shopping centre hits back at body shamers

Instagram star and bikini designer Karina Irby has hit back at body shamers, after an ‘elderly woman’ called her fat in a shopping centre. Australian Karina, who runs swimsuit company Moana Bikini, shared an Instagram picture of her in one of her signature colourful bathing suits on the beach, with her hands help up in […]

Walmart’s struggling Japan unit finally delivers with online grocery growth

Walmart Inc (WMT.N) might finally have found the sweet spot in Japan’s food market with a fast-growing venture ranked third in a nascent online grocery sector, as the brick-and-mortar stores it bought into two decades ago continue their search for profit. The barely year-old tie-up between the U.S. supermarket chain’s Seiyu and local e-commerce firm […]

Nerf is bringing back three original Super Soakers this spring

In 1982, NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson accidentally invented a pressurized water gun that went on to become one of the coolest summer toys for years. Now, Hasbro’s bringing back three of the original Super Soakers with that initial air-pressure system — and I’m pretty tempted to buy the one I never got back when parents […]

Coronavirus quarantine on Diamond Princess cruise ship ‘chaotic,’ Japanese expert claims

The novel coronavirus quarantine measures put in place by Japanese officials on board a cruise ship where thousands of people have been kept in isolation were “completely chaotic,” an infectious disease specialist who visited the vessel has claimed. In two YouTube videos, one in English and one in Japanese, Kentaro Iwata, a professor at Kobe […]

Kris Bryant to bat leadoff for Cubs

Cubs manager David Ross will bat third baseman Kris Bryant in the leadoff spot to start the 2020 season,’s Jordan Bastian reports. As Bastian notes, the Cubs have used 17 different hitters in the leadoff spot since the start of the 2017 season, so the club is looking for some stability atop the lineup. […]

How to get a good night’s sleep when you have a blocked nose

When you have a blocked nose the only thing you can think about is how much you took breathing through your nose for granted. It may seem like a minor ailment, but being stuffed up is one of the most annoying symptoms of a head cold – and it can really affect your sleep. When […]

Trump economist says ‘uncertainty’ from trade disputes hit business investment

A slowdown in U.S. growth last year was at least partly the fault of President Donald Trump’s global trade battles and the resulting hit to business investment, the administration’s top economist said on Thursday in an outlook for the coming years. “Once we got renegotiation of trade agreements, we saw uncertainty in the market, and […]

Sony is skipping Pax East convention over coronavirus concerns

Sony has decided not to attend Pax East next week, despite teasing a prominent presence just weeks ago, following growing concerns over the coronavirus. “We felt this was the safest option as the situation is changing daily,” the company said in an updated blog post. “We are disappointed to cancel our participation in this event, […]

Cowboys star Amari Cooper responds to tweet that he was shot: ‘Fake news’

Reports of the shooting of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper are so exaggerated that they are completely untrue. Cooper was forced to respond Wednesday to a tweet claiming that he had been shot in a Dallas parking garage. The account that put out the information, The Offseason, has since been deleted from Twitter. “That […]