Several people shot and killed in German city of Hanau

Eight people have been shot and killed in the German city of Hanau after two shootings at separate sheesha bars, it has been reported.

Local police have said six others were also injured in the attacks.

German newspaper Bild reports that the motive for the shooting is not clear and police are searching for the perpetrators.

The Hessenschau regional broadcaster said that two incidents had taken place at two separate shisha bars in Hanau, near Frankfurt.

The first shooting was at a bar in the city centre, while the second was in Hanau’s Kesselstadt neighbourhood, according to local reports.

Witnesses reported hearing eight or nine shots and seeing at least one person lying on the ground.

One of the suspects is reported to have rung the bell of one of the bars, before shooting wildly at the smoking area, according to Bild.

In a statement, police said that the first shooting took place at 10pm and a dark vehicle was seen leaving the scene.

The perpetrator or perpetrators then reportedly went to another part of the city, where shots were fired in another shisha bar, the broadcaster said.

Armed police closed off two streets where ambulances had rushed and a police helicopter hovered over the city.

The Mayor of Hanau, Claus Kaminsky, told Bild: ‘This evening could not have been worse in anyone’s imagination.’