Woman called ‘fat’ by woman in shopping centre hits back at body shamers

Instagram star and bikini designer Karina Irby has hit back at body shamers, after an ‘elderly woman’ called her fat in a shopping centre.

Australian Karina, who runs swimsuit company Moana Bikini, shared an Instagram picture of her in one of her signature colourful bathing suits on the beach, with her hands help up in a peace sign.

In the caption of the image, 29-year-old Karina detailed what happened to her, saying: ‘To the elderly women who called me fat at the shopping centre the other week.

‘Here’s me caring about your opinion. Here’s me covering up. Here’s me trying to lose weight.

‘This is the second time I’ve been body shamed by an elder person, but the first time was about my eczema.

‘It’s easy to let someone’s unasked opinion upset you BUT just flaunt those ‘flaws’ with confidence instead and watch their rolls eyes roll.’

Karina regularly posts about body positivity, and uploads pictures of herself when she’s bloated or has put on weight to show that even influencers don’t have the ‘perfect’ bodies they might seem to have at all times.

Sadly it’s not the first time she’s been body shamed, as another older person had made unwanted comments in the past about her eczema.

In a previous post she replied to negative feelings about the skin condition, saying: ‘My skin is just a three-layer sack that holds all the good things together.’

Hear hear.

A number of Karina’s followers commented on the recent situation, with one saying: ‘ HERE’S TO WOMEN NOT DESTROYING THEIR BODIES TO KEEP UP WITH SOCIAL MEDIAS EXPECTATIONS!!!’

Another said: ‘You inspire me to be confident with my curves! Thank you for filling my feed with positive posts.’

For people who are wondering if they should comment on people’s bodies in future, here’s a word of advice – don’t.