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Peru with kids: Top ten things to do with the family

Peru is a wonderful destination for families. The people are welcoming, the landscape diverse, the culture and history rich – even the cuisine is one of the hottest new food trends (guinea pig optional!). From the Amazon jungle to the Andes mountains and from colourful markets to mystical Incan ruins, this country has something to […]

Woman called ‘fat’ by woman in shopping centre hits back at body shamers

Instagram star and bikini designer Karina Irby has hit back at body shamers, after an ‘elderly woman’ called her fat in a shopping centre. Australian Karina, who runs swimsuit company Moana Bikini, shared an Instagram picture of her in one of her signature colourful bathing suits on the beach, with her hands help up in […]

How to get a good night’s sleep when you have a blocked nose

When you have a blocked nose the only thing you can think about is how much you took breathing through your nose for granted. It may seem like a minor ailment, but being stuffed up is one of the most annoying symptoms of a head cold – and it can really affect your sleep. When […]

Peter Schmeichel celebrates Old Trafford 110th anniversary with Lego

Two Danish legends have teamed up to honour Manchester United’s world famous stadium, as Schmeichel prepares to meet fans next March. It’s the 110th anniversary of Old Trafford this year and to help celebrate it Lego have already released a giant-sized replica of the stadium. The exact birthday is today though, 19 February, so now […]

Fashion school apologises for ‘racist’ runway show with giant lips prosthetics

The president of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) has publicly apologised after facing backlash for a ‘clearly racist’ fashion show. The New York fashion school hosted an alumni runway show on 7 February, showcasing designers from its MFE Fashion Design class, but the models were wearing enormous prosthetic lips, ears and bushy eyebrows. Model […]

Wheelchair user creates ramps out of Lego to make places more accessible

Rita Ebel has used a wheelchair for more than 20 years after she was injured in a car accident. Struggling with accessibility in her home town of Hanau, Germany, Rita decided to create her own ramps using Lego bricks. She was inspired by another wheelchair user called Corina Huber, who had created a plan for […]

Winter May Be Best Time Of Year to Conceive

Couples are most likely to start conceiving in September but it’s in late November and early December that they have the best chances of conceiving, say researchers. First-of-its-kind study, accounts for when couples are most likely to start trying to conceive, finding couples conceive quicker in late fall and early winter. “There are a lot […]