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Nerf is bringing back three original Super Soakers this spring

In 1982, NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson accidentally invented a pressurized water gun that went on to become one of the coolest summer toys for years. Now, Hasbro’s bringing back three of the original Super Soakers with that initial air-pressure system — and I’m pretty tempted to buy the one I never got back when parents […]

Sony is skipping Pax East convention over coronavirus concerns

Sony has decided not to attend Pax East next week, despite teasing a prominent presence just weeks ago, following growing concerns over the coronavirus. “We felt this was the safest option as the situation is changing daily,” the company said in an updated blog post. “We are disappointed to cancel our participation in this event, […]

How photoshop became a verb

If you need to alter a photo, there’s a good chance you’ll photoshop it. But even though people have been photoshopping images for 30 years as of today, it wasn’t until the last decade that it became widely accepted that you can use “photoshop” as a verb. Before then, you were more likely to “edit […]

Some Staples stores in Boston are getting podcast studios

Even Staples, the office supply store, can’t resist the lure of podcasts. The retailer is teaming up with iHeartRadio to build podcast studios at six of its stores in the Boston area. The studios will be soundproof, have enough space for four people to record, and will sync with another company called Spreaker’s technology so […]

You can now set Sonos speakers as the default playback option for Google Assistant

Sonos only added Google Assistant as a voice playback option for its smart speakers last year, and the two companies are still working toward adding new features and building out a more robust software relationship. (Strangely, this relationship seems unaffected by the ongoing patent infringement lawsuit between the two companies.) The newest feature, added through […]

Nissan launches a subscription service starting at $699 a month

Car subscriptions: they’re totally a thing! The latest automaker to test the waters on subscriptions is Nissan, which just launched a new, two-tier service in Houston, Texas. It’s called “Nissan Switch,” and it will feature a variety of models, including the all-electric Nissan Leaf Plus, the Titan pickup, and the GT-R sports car. Nissan Switch […]

Fortnite’s next season needs to tell a good story

Fortnite’s next season kicks off tomorrow, and more than anything else, I really hope it tells a good story. While Epic Games’ hugely popular free-to-play battle royale shooter might be best known for its colorful visuals, entertaining emotes, and pop culture references, one of the main reasons I’ve stuck with the game season after season […]